ESOTERIC has cared for a number of Porsche Carrera GTs in the past, and recently had to opportunity to work on this Fayence Yellow example. (1 of 44 made in this color.) But what needed to be done to this “last analog super car?” While the paint was in generally good shape, further inspection revealed factory sanding marks, swirls, and marring that presented unique challenges to correct.

The paint correction process was extremely technical and took non-standard techniques to complete. There are very few specialists in the world that can correct paint such as this while not being invasive to the integrity of the clear coat. Here is a glimpse of a more “standard” section being corrected…

Once corrected, the entire vehicle was wrapped with paint protection film. This process takes multiple days and combines in-house patterns developed and perfected by ESOTERIC cut on a plotter with custom hand-cutting and edge wrapping to ensure a seamless install as possible. 

Even the roof panels were wrapped to prevent damage when removing them and storing in the trunk…

And now onto the final photos!

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