So You Purchased a Tesla Model 3…

How do you go about protecting your investment in cutting edge technology? There are numerous elements that a vehicle can encounter that can damage the finish. Much like putting a screen protector or case on your phone, we can apply Paint Protection Film (also known as clear bra, or PPF) to your Tesla. This film protects against rock chips, scratches, bird droppings, and tree sap just to name a few. The film we install is the most optically clear film on the market and has self-healing properties with a hydrophobic topcoat. While we could install just a front bumper, many Tesla owners chose to wrap either the high-impact areas or the entire car. 

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Protection and a Unique Look

Get the best of both with Satin Paint Protection Film!

While the most popular type of paint protection film is clear, other types of paint protection film are offered for the desired aesthetic of the client. We can install satin film, black film, and carbon fiber look film. 


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Stage 1: Tesla Model 3 New Car Prep and Disassembly

After a thorough wash and chemical decontamination, we can begin to selectively take off parts of the car.  that allow us to hide as much of the Paint Protection Film edges as we can.  it is critical to hide as many edges as possible so there are no unsightly seams.

We remove any Tesla emblems along the way, replacing them with OE Tesla emblems that we stock in both chrome and black finishes.

IMG 8426

IMG 8441

IMG 8446

IMG 8454

Stage 2: Paint Protection Film Installation at ESOTERIC

Going from Gloss to Satin

We’re all familiar with putting a screen protector on your phone or other tech to protect it, but what about your car? That is where Paint Protection Film, also known as clear bra or PPF, comes in. Paint protection film can be thought of as a screen protector for your car. Traditionally, PPF is clear, however, in this case, the customer opted for a satin paint protection film to give this Model 3 a very unique appearance. Our satin PPF offers protection from rock chips, bird droppings and comes with a seven-year warranty against yellowing and de-lamination.

Many paint protection film shops around the country use patterned film that are pre-cut to leave gaps around emblems, vents, headlights, door handles, etc.. We prefer to use our own custom patterns that we’ve hand fit for your specific vehicle for the highest quality fit and finish

IMG 5906 IMG 5909

IMG 5911

IMG 5914

IMG 5915

IMG 5927 IMG 1379

IMG 5928

Peace of Mind While Driving Your Prized Vehicle

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Stage 3: Tesla Paint Protection Film Quality Control

Perfection is the Goal

Our process varies from most shops because of our multi-layered quality control process that happens before, during and after installation. Prior to installation, we clean every panel, seam, and edge to ensure that there is proper adhesion between the film and the car’s panels. During installation, if we notice any lint fiber or debris that is the size of a grain of sand, we will pull the entire piece of film, dispose of it, and start over with a fresh piece of film. Once the installation has been completed, we have a minimum of four people look over every edge and panel to check for issues that may need adjustment before the car leaves our care.

IMG 5923

Stage 4: Included on ALL Teslas: Screen Protectors from ESOTERIC

Free Screen Protectors for All Tesla Models

For any Tesla owner who brings his or her car to Esoteric, we install an anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, anti-microbial, and scratch-resistant screen protector…AT NO COST! Our goal is to protect your car in every way possible, inside and out. Our Tesla Screen Protectors do just that, and take the headache of improperly installing a screen protector out of the equation.

IMG 0381  IMG 0396

IMG 0456 IMG 0482

Stage 5: Tesla Customer Delivery

See the finished photos of this Tesla Model 3 below to better understand how your next new car can look! You’ll notice the emblems are missing from the front and rear. The customer chose to remove these for a clean look.

If you are interested in protecting your daily driver or priceless piece of automotive history,  Contact Us. We’d love to help you build a custom plan to perfect, protect, and maintain your vehicle.

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Tesla Paint Protection Film Final Photo Gallery


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IMG 8547 2 IMG 8523 2 IMG 8525

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