Gloriously proportioned with a curvaceous body belying a viciously potent soul, this 1 of 333, 690hp twin-turbo V12 Vantage arrived at our studio recently, ready to receive our New Car Prep, full Paint Protection Film and Infinite Warranty Ceramic Coating services. Representing one last tango from Aston Martin on its ‘Biggest Engine in Our Smallest Car‘ dance-card, this Vantage is wearing a special aero package, enhanced suspension components, unique carbon fiber elements and is finished in an extraordinarily beguiling hue. Any erstwhile alumni from the Bond films would surely come out of retirement for a chance to film with this scene-stealer!

So what does one do with a rare beauty such as this? Simple…send it to ESOTERIC!

We’ll correct it…


…we’ll protect it…


…and then rain or shine, it’s yours to enjoy in the most worry-free manner possible! The self-healing Paint Protection Film will protect your finish from road impacts & minor swirling and the Ceramic Coating on the wheels and paint will provide long term good looks and ease of maintenance. And with a quality ceramic coating, you might just find yourself looking forward to rain!


With all services complete, all that’s left to do is admire this truly sensational example of automotive design and function.

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