A large portion of service work done at ESOTERIC is on NEW cars. Yes, right when a vehicle is delivered it is the best time to polish the paint and protect all surfaces inside and out.

From production to delivery new vehicles are handled by countless people along the way, where paint defects and contaminants can be introduced. At ESOTERIC we offer multiple packages for new car protection from coatings to full or partial paint protection film (clear bra). The ultimate benefit is that you can enjoy your new car for years to come, and, maintain its’ value much better. Maintenance is also easier as coated/wrapped vehicles shed dirt, brake dust, and debris. Washes become faster and less intrusive to the paint.

To highlight some of the results we put together a video of a recent new car prep project…

This new BMW M3 received our Premium New Car Prep Package which includes:

  • Single-stage paint correction
  • 2-layers of wheel coating
  • Miyabi ISM coating on the paint
  • Coated leather, fabric, and windshield

For more information on New Car Prep, please visit our New Car Prep page.

BMW M3 New Car Prep Video

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