The team at ESOTERIC Fine Auto Finishing has been extremely busy this summer and we wanted to post an update with photos and information on a recent project. This 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider in Grigio Ferro Metallic was brought in for our Ultimate New Car Prep Package. The package offers many services including…

Let’s dive right into this 3-4 day process…

Upon delivery we always inspect vehicles for condition and defects. Even straight from the dealer this 488 had many areas that could be improved upon. It is sometimes extremely hard to capture the full extent of the paint condition in photos and this particular color is no exception!

Delivery Images

Ferrari 488 Delivery ferrari 488 1 ferrari 488 2

After a proper wash and decontamination we are taped up with Kamikaze Auto Detailing Tape and ready to begin the single-stage paint polishing process.

Ferrari 488 Polishing

Sonax Perfect Finish with a RUPES Yellow Pad is an excellent combination for a single-stage polish, not only on Ferrari’s, but for most vehicles that come into our shop!

After polishing the paint is looking much better with improved gloss and clarity.

Ferrari 488 Single Step Polish

Now off to another wash to prepare for paint protection film installation.

Washing a Ferrari

Protective film (clear-bra) application begins. We are using STEK DynoShield to wrap the entire front-end of this Ferrari 488 Spider as well as the rocker panels and behind the rear wheels. We generally wrap ENTIRE panels as well as wrap edges to so there are no seams — it is extremely hard for the average person to spot a wrapped panel from the unwrapped panels!

We often get asked “do you cut the film panels from templates or hand trim?” The answer is both! We have the cutting equipment to print out the patterns but installing film is an art form. Templates don’t work for every scenario so they are tweaked before cutting and often hand-trimmed for flawless wrapped edges.

Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Installation at ESOTERIC Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Installation at ESOTERIC Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Installation at ESOTERIC Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Installation at ESOTERIC

Now that the STEK Film wrap details are dialed in let’s coat the car with Kamikaze ISM Coating and the wrapped panels with Kamikaze Surface Film Coat. Here we are using a suede applicator to deliver a consistent application. Kamikaze ISM will deliver 24-36 months of protection with outstanding hydrophobic properties. The wheels are removed and coated inside and out with GYEON Rim along with the calipers.

Kamikaze Coating on a Ferrari

Now that the coatings are applied let’s dress the tires with GYEON Tire

GYEON Tire on a Ferrari

… and clean/protect the leather with GYEON Leather Cleaner and GYEON Leather Coat. Don’t forget all floor fabrics are treated with GYEON FabriCoat.

Ferrari Leather Interior with GYEON Leather Shield

Let’s get to the final photos…

Ferrari 488 Spider Polish and STEK Film Front-End Wrap After Photos

Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Wrapped Ferrari 488 New Car Prep Ferrari 488 New Car Prep Ferrari 488 New Car Prep Ferrari 488 New Car Polishing Ferrari 488 New Car Prep

Thank you for reading about our Ultimate New Car Prep service at ESOTERIC! If you would like to discuss your vehicle project or any of our products feel free to contact us.

To see our film wrap process in motion we have put together two recent videos highlighting our film service.

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